Sponsorship packages

Benefits of sponsorship:

  • improving the company’s image as an industry leader among the target audience;
  • effective investment in business development and expanding the company’s influence in the market;
  • opportunity to be one step ahead of competitors;
  • increase the attendance of the exhibition stand and website.
StatusGeneral SponsorOfficial Sponsor Sponsor
Cost, UAH60 00045 00030 000
Position in all promotional events113
Advertising module in the official electronic catalog of the exhibition2 pages2 pages1 page
Congratulations of the Head of the company in the official electronic catalog of the exhibition (Ukrainian and English languages)+
Providing a conference room for presentations1 hour1 hour0,5 hour
Banner (5 m x 2.5 m) in the exhibition pavilion on the territory of the exhibition during the event+++
Banner (2m x 1m) on the territory of the conference+++
Distribution of the company’s advertising materials at the information stand+++
Daily broadcast of audio advertising (up to 30 seconds) of the company in the pavilion during the event8 times5 times3 times
Daily broadcast of a promotional video on the screens in the pavilion during the exhibition of length1 min + 1 min1 min 30 seconds
Placement of logos on outdoor advertising banners of the exhibition+
Placement of the logo in all promotional materials of the event (in business publications, specialized publications, directories, websites, banners, etc.)+++
Placement of the logo on the first page of the official catalog of the exhibition+++
Information about the sponsor in the information letters about the event, which will be distributed by mail or e-mail+++
Information about the sponsor on the official website of the exhibition with a link to the company’s website+++
Information about news and events from the sponsor in the social networks of the event (subject to the provision of materials)+++